The Main Reason Why Beta Versions Exist

Have you ever thought why beta versions exist? If the game is already done, then why do game developers create beta versions? Why don’t game producers immediately launch their games once they are complete?

Quality is an important aspect of any product available in the market. Quality goods and services receive attention from satisfied customers. If a product has the best quality, then buyers would definitely come back and purchase again. Since it is vital for companies to ensure that each of their products is in good condition, there are people who specifically work to make sure that the final product is of high quality. This is also present in the gaming industry. Quality Assessment (QA), also known as Quality Assurance is done for games to make sure that there will be no problems for the alpha version.

The beta version of a game is released before its alpha version to test the game first. Expert gamers are hired for spotting bugs that were not noticed from the previous tests of the game. Beta testing also allows the companies to see if the game is appealing to the players or not. If they find the game to be appealing, then they release its alpha version. If it is not appealing, then they might cancel the game or redevelop it to make it better.

The testers make sure that the game will meet the objective of the company for the game, respond correctly to all inputs, perform well, and most importantly, satisfy the players. Games almost have a long period of beta testing just to fix the bugs before releasing its alpha version. This is why it also takes a long time for games to be available to the market before its release. The producers of the game make sure that the product they release will be perfect as much as possible.

Most of the time, only big companies could afford to make beta versions of their games. Most of the small companies test the games that they develop themselves. This is why you could probably find bugs in the released games from small companies. Bugs could still be available in the alpha version of games. This is why there are updates from time to time to remove them.

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