Buying Video games

It can be quite frustrating having to go from store to store to try and find the game you want.  Eventually, you may even have to give up and order it which means another trip back to the store for you.  You can save yourself a lot of trouble by shopping online for the game you want.

Top sites to buy your video games

  • Video Games Plus (VGP)
    With over 24 years in the video games retail business they are a trusted name on the internet and physical stores. Their actual stores can be found in the Canadian cities of Toronto, Ontario and Mississauga.
    They have one of the biggest collection of games throughout all the gaming platforms with pre-order options.
  • PlayStation Store
    One of the better options for all those who have PlayStations. You are sure to find all the very latest releases, golden oldies and current releases on the store. All your downloads are saved in the store which is great for backup purposes.
  • Xbox Store
    Like the PlayStation Store, the Xbox store has all the latest releases, pre-releases and golden oldies for users to download.


There are many more online stores where you can buy your games, always ensure that the company is legitimate before you send them any money.  Another cheaper way of buying video games is second-hand stores if you are wanting physical copies of your game and not downloads.