Soul Calibur VI: Unraveling the Truth of the Beginning

The Soul Calibur series will continue with the latest game currently developed by Project Soul and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The Soul Calibur VI. It is said to be available on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was announced at the Games Awards 2017 that the game will be released this 2018. It was developed three years ago to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the franchise. The developers used the Unreal Engine 4 for its engine. The trailer which was released last January 25 hinted the return of the characters named Xianghua, Nightmare, and Kilik. Since the game is still in the process of being released, there might be more characters that will be present in the game. The fans and several game critics are also excited for Kilik, an old character who was included in the game trailer. They are also thrilled for the new character Groh, which was also introduced in the trailer. If you are interested in getting a subscription for the updates about the game, you could reach its official site by clicking here.

What the Game Is All About

The game will still follow the plot from the previous soul series and will take place in the sixteenth century, going back to the events that occurred in the first Soul Calibur game to unravel undiscovered truths. The gameplay will still involve the usual and main one-on-one and multiplayer modes in a ring. You could battle against other players and against the computer. These are the characters that will be included in the latest game of the series, Soul Calibur VI. The game will also feature their latest mechanic, Reversal Edge which can be performed using a single button.

Chai Xianghua: last appearance in Soul Calibur IV, with a modified outfit

Heishiro Mitsurugi: present in every soul series, with a modified outfit

Isabella ‘Ivy’ Valentine: with a modified outfit

Kilik: with a modified outfit

Nightmare: with a modified outfit

Seigfried Schtauffen: with a modified outfit, often compared with Nightmare’s outfit

Sophitia Alexandra: last appearance in Soul Calibur IV, with a modified outfit

Zasalamel: last appearance in Soul Calibur IV, with a modified outfit

Groh: part of Aval Organization; wields a double saber

Geralt of Rivia: guest character and is the protagonist of the Witcher series


Soul Calibur VI will definitely stir the fans on the announcement of its release date since the new characters and other updates already made a noise in the gaming world. The game fans and critics are currently waiting for updates about the game. Judging from the trailer, several details were improved and given more attention by its developers. Pre-ordering it from its official site will also give you notifications about the game.

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