Tekken 7 is Still Taken

The title of the game Tekken is derived from the Japanese word 鉄拳 (tek•ken) which means iron fist. The title gives off the feeling that the game will involve fighting without the use of any weapon. It is a game that is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The first ever game from the Tekken series was released in the year 1994. The latest version of the game is Tekken 7 which was released three years ago. It is available on several platforms because of Unreal Engine 4 like Arcade, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There is also a mobile version available called Tekken™. The game is famous worldwide which is why it was able to sell three million copies last year. The game was developed to celebrate the second decade of the series in the gaming industry.

What the Game Is All About

The game still follows the same plot with the previous versions of the series. The same one-on-one mode is available and still has plenty of characters available for the player to use. The objective of the game is simple: to defeat every opponent and become stronger after every duel. There are several new characters that are introduced in this version. Below is the list of the new characters that are available in Tekken 7.

Akuma:                                also known as the Great Devil

Claudio Serafino:                practices exorcism

Geese Howard:                   also known as Nightmare Geese

Gigas:                                shown as an impulsive fighter

Jack-7:                               a humanoid

Josie Rizal:                        name derived from a Filipino hero, Jose Rizal

Katarina Alves:                  daughter of Gigas

Kazumi Mishima:               Jin is her grandson

Lucky Chloe:                     incorporates dance in her fighting style

Master Raven:                  her mission was to infiltrate the Iron Fist Tournament to face her target

Noctis Lucis Caelum:        the protagonist in the Final Fantasy XV

Shaheen:                         works for a private military firm that specializes in the provision of security services

Game Critics’ Opinion about the Game

Just like any other game, the opinions of the critics are divided into two. Some game critics claimed that the game is the best among the series and that they were not disappointed about it. On the other hand, there were those who claim that the game was not really much different from the previous versions. However, it is apparent in the latest game that the graphics were improved and the small details in the moves of the characters could be clearly seen throughout the game.

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