Marvel Future Fight: Mission from the Future to the Past

Marvel Future Fight is a game released three years ago. It is developed by Netmarble Games and is a mobile game that is available on iOS and Android. The game is often compared to DC Legends because aside from both games having heroes and villains as their characters, both of the games are also based on comics. The game features exciting offers that players could be attracted to. The game allows the players to increase the level of their characters and gears to make them more powerful. You could also build up teams to make a strategic combination to defeat the opponents. The game developers added a feature to allow the players to have a unique character in the costumes that they wear.

Characters of the Game: Heroes and Villains

Here is the list of the few characters that are included in the game.

Black Widow

Captain America

Iron Man







Iron Fist

Power Man

Agent Venom

Drax the Destroyer









Black Panther

Captain Marvel






What the Game Is All About

The game begins with the Norse god, Thor who arrives in Manhattan due to Black Panther’s request to look for the HYDRA agents and a purple vortex. Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division or S.H.I.E.L.D. wondered why the Avengers weren’t sent out on that mission. They guessed that maybe Thor and Black Bolt were the only ones that could be reached. Thor comes across the corpse of Steve Rogers and the killers. Jocasta arrives from the future and tells the player that she has a message from Nick Fury, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. that a lot happened, causing the death of many heroes and villains. He hopes that the player will solve the problem and prevent the apocalypse from happening. Jocasta tells the player that he will be fighting along with Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. However, teaming up with the three heroes is the first challenge for the player because the system that was used to contact the heroes was damaged. The player needs to go through missions to reach the other heroes and to prevent the apocalypse that was revealed by Nick Fury.

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