DC Legends: Battle for Justice Justifies the Comics and the Movies

This game definitely made the avid DC Comics fans excited to play it. This is because it features the characters that they have always dreamt of playing. The players could freely select which hero to use for the game. This game does not only include your favorite heroes but also the villains. You could use the villains to enjoy the game. This time, the villains are of service in helping you solve your problem in the game. What is even more exciting about this game is that it is recently updated this month to erase bugs and bring more delight to the players. These characters are only a few of the best heroes that are included in the game. They are randomly selected and the order does not reflect any ranking of skills, strengths, and others.

Superman: Man of Steel

This character is living up to his name. Superman is indeed superior as evidenced by his stats and his set of skills. His skills include Heat Vision, I’ll Take the Hits, Impervious, Kryptonian Physiology, and Super Strength. He is a popular pick among players and we absolutely know the reason why.

Aquaman: Rider of the Tide

After the release of the latest Justice League film, Aquaman got two variations. Aquaman has an amazing superhuman strength, speed, durability, and stamina. This makes him an ideal hero for players to use. Words are not enough to describe how flexible this character is in the game. You should play the game to see for yourself.

The Flash

The Flash obviously does everything fast. He uses his speed to increase the quality of his other skills. He uses his speed to throw punches and attacks fast. The most obvious thing about this character is that it has the highest stat in speed among all the characters in the game.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern has pretty much the same stats with the other characters, what makes him unique is his Intelligence which contributes to his strength in the game.

Wonder Woman

The only woman who made it on the list is Wonder Woman. There is a version of the character that is based on its movie. She totally dominates the game with her impressive stats and set of skills. Her stats are almost equal to the other characters and her weapons definitely made her stronger.

These characters are only some of the awesome heroes included in the game. The other characters are for you to find out. There are also other interesting characters that you should know about. If you want to know about them, then click this link. If you want to play the DC Legends: Battle for Justice, then click here to download it from Play Store. The game in this link is just as interesting as these characters, click to know more.