The Hulk: Blessing from Tragedy

Brian Banner

Have you ever wondered why Bruce’s father despised him so much? If you have read their story, you will see nothing wrong about Bruce at all. So what could have probably triggered his father’s extreme hate towards him? All of these questions could be answered by looking at the how Brian (Bruce’s father) grew up. When Brian was younger, his father physically and psychologically abused him and his mother. He perceived his father as a monster who was cruel, abusive, and insane. These traits made him believe that this is the monster gene which he also possesses. This is why he told himself to never have a child because he is afraid that this monster gene will be passed to another generation. Despite having this fear, he got married to Rebecca, a woman he met from college. He got a job to create nuclear energy which caused him much stress that led to his alcohol and anger problems. When he was drunk, he overloaded the machine which caused an explosion and his expulsion from work. He claimed that the explosion affected his genes even if his doctors told him that it did not cause any harm to him at all. When he got his wife pregnant, he became paranoid about the child. He feared that he created a monster which is why he kept him away from his wife. His delusion was strengthened when he saw that his son was able to solve a complex puzzle despite his young age. This made him hate his son more. Rebecca tried to escape with their son but they were apprehended by Brian. Brian killed her in front of Bruce. He coerced Bruce to give a false statement about this at court but was imprisoned because he boasted while he was drunk about how he cheated against the law.

Bruce Banner

All of the painful and horrible memories of his family caused Bruce to have a split personality. This helped him overcome his struggles and his school bullies. However, his problems pushed him to create a bomb which he planted inside his school. The bomb did not explode and caused him to be expelled from school. This event caught the attention of the military, enough for them to support his education. He became a physicist too, just like his father.

All of these things occurred because of the delusions of Bruce’s father. His false belief in having a monster gene caused him to be abusive just like Bruce’s grandfather. This abuse affected Bruce psychologically. However, he will not become the Hulk if he did not experience all of these painful and tragic events. This means that not all good things come from the good. It will always depend on your choices if you let the bad things control you or make you stronger. Bruce decided to make use of his bad memories to become stronger and help other people.

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