Marvel Strike Force: Unity of Heroes and Villains

Captain America. Hulk. Iron Man. Spider-Man. Thor. Wolverine. Do these names ring a bell? They are only a few of the famous Marvel Superheroes. These heroes are ready to take action and follow commands with the latest game released on the twenty-eighth of March 28 this year. The newest and hottest mobile game based on Marvel heroes is called Marvel Strike Force. The game is developed by FoxNext Game Los Angeles and published by FoxNext.  This is available on the following platforms: Android and iOS. The game is often compared to the DC Legends which is quite similar to the game. It is a role-playing game which offers the single-player and multiplayer game modes.

The Story of the Game

The game is centered on the siege led by a Kree warrior named Ultimus. He ordered alien forces to create havoc on the planet. This is why the agents of the Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies were tasked to gather groups of heroes and villains to fight against Ultimus.

The Marvel Characters Included in the Game

These are the characters (including their real names) from Marvel that are ready to join you in the battle against the alien forces that harm the Earth.

Black Widow:                                                Natalia ‘Natasha’ Alianovna Romanova

Bullseye:                                                       Lester

Captain America:                                          Steven ‘Steve’ Rogers

Crossbones:                                                 Brock Rumlow

Daredevil:                                                     Matthew Murdock

Drax:                                                            Arthur Sampson Douglas

Elektra:                                                        Elektra Natchios

Gamora:                                                      Gamora

Hawkeye:                                                     Clint Barton

Hulk:                                                            Robert Bruce Banner

Iron Fist:                                                      Danny Rand

Iron Man:                                                     Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark

Jessica Jones:                                             Jessica Campbell Jones

Kingpin:                                                       Wilson Grant Fisk

Korath:                                                        Korath-Thak

Luke Cage:                                                 Carl Lucas

Nebula:                                                       Not known

Nick Fury:                                                   Nicholas Joseph Fury

Night Nurse:                                                Linda Carter

Nobu:                                                          Nobu Yoshioka

Punisher:                                                     Frank Castle

Quake:                                                        Daisy Johnson

Rocket Raccoon:                                         Rocket Raccoon

Ronan:                                                        Ronan

Scientist Supreme:                                      Lyle Getz, George Clinton, Valdemar Tykkio, Fourth A.I.M. Leader, Monica Rappaccini, Hank Pym, and Andrew Forson

Spider-Man:                                                Peter Benjamin Parker

Thor:                                                          Thor Odinson

Yondu:                                                       Yondu Udonta

Wolverine:                                                  James Howlett

Have you ever imagined heroes and villains working together to defeat a common enemy? Well, the game developers of Marvel Strike Force probably know what you are thinking and put it in this game. This is the perfect time for the villains to put their skills, intelligence, and powers to contribute something good to the planet Earth. If you want to know other games that will be released this year then you should read about them by clicking this link. If you want to know more about the Marvel Strike Force, then please click here.