Execution: How to Master This Skill to Win Fighting Games

Are you always losing every battle in fighting games?

If you are, it’s probably time to evaluate your execution skills. If you want to end up victorious, it is important that you know how to input the right buttons at the right time. Even if you’re an amateur player, you can have your edge if you learn how to consistently pull off your special moves.

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What Is Execution and Why It Is Important?

The term “execution” in the fighting games world is used to describe the player’s ability to input their desire moves correctly. Having a good execution means that you can perform your special moves and combos with minimal mistakes. Other players also believe that execution is being able to hit large and difficult combos.

Execution is how you physically translate your thought process into action. Anyone can think of the wildest combos imaginable up in their head, but this would be useless if you can’t translate it on-screen. Having the skill to translate these thoughts into execution is important to gain an edge in the game and eventually win.

There is no doubt that execution weights a huge part in your life as a fighting gamer. What can you do to improve your execution skills? Read on to get ideas on how to become a master of execution.

Tips on How to Improve your Execution

  1. Know the mechanics of the game

If you want to improve your execution in the fastest way, the first thing that you need to do is to learn the underlying mechanics of the game. Every game has different set of rules so it’s an unwritten rule that you must know them first.

Let’s use a writing analogy to make my point clearer. On native English speakers, constructing the sentence such as “The dog ran to catch the ball” is very easy. In fact, you can make up this sentence with little thought process. Though this is one of the simplest sentences, there are underlying rules and structures that make up the sentence. There’s the subject and predicate, and of course the subject-verb agreement. Non-English speakers would need to understand these rules first before they can construct a grammatically correct sentence.

The same principle applies to your execution, only you have button presses instead of words. When you’ve become familiar with the underlying mechanics of the fighting game, you would be able to understand what and how you need to press to achieve a desirable result.

If you’re playing Soul Calibur VI, learn the mechanics of this game by clicking here.

  1. Break down your move/combo into smaller chunks

Learning a difficult special move or a long combo can exhaust your brain cells. Instead of wracking your brain and ends up being frustrated, why don’t you break them down into smaller chunks instead? Breaking them down and bringing it all together is much easier and more effective in learning long combos or difficult special move.

  1. Learn the input “tricks”

Priority linking (also known as plinking) is an input technique that makes some of the hardest link combos easier to do. This is highly important in Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter IV.

Though the term may sound intimidating, learning how to do it is quite simple.

To do this trick, you hit the button that you want to come out and then you hit the button in lower priority: the button to its left. You have to hit these two buttons in such a short time apart from each other like it feels you’re pushing both at the same time. If you want to have the hp come out, push the hp then the mp simultaneously.

There are combos that only give you one frame in order to time them correctly, plinking makes having 2 chances possible.

Learn more tricks on how to plink in Super Street Fighter IV here.

  1. Practice

Don’t worry if you don’t develop your executions well at the beginning. You have plenty of time to practice on this skill. Eventually, you won’t have much effort since your physical execution becomes a muscle memory.

Play as many games as you can to practice your moves and combos. Once you think you’ve gotten that far, try pulling them off in a match. It’s easy to feel safe in the training mode, but go out of your comfort zone and apply those skills into the real thing. You won’t be able to fully master the execution unless you consistently do it in a match. They say practice what makes you perfect and I say amen to that.

Despite having this new-found knowledge, you would be having problem mastering your execution if you have developed some bad habits. It’s time to analyze your gaming behavior and see if there’s an area to improve.

Factors That Could Hinder Your Execution

  1. You’re contented with your skills

Playing fighting games is not easy, it requires précised button pressing and quick thinking. This is probably why a lot of people have become stuck with their current skills. They think they are already good enough and refuse to learn more. Believe in your full potential. If you think you’re as good as you can get, then your execution will only reach that certain level.

  1. You don’t practice your execution

Constant practice could be a bore. Imagine having to spend countless hours in training mode and repeating the same moves and combos tirelessly. While repetition could indeed cause you to yawn, practice is your key to perfect your execution skill. You won’t be able to master this, nor improve even, if you expect that you only need to deliver a certain move the first few times.

  1. Not understanding how to input certain moves or combos

This is probably the reason why some players experience the factors above. There will be a lot of time that you will encounter special moves or combos that you can’t figure out. Learning is a continuing process so expose yourself with several unfamiliar and hard special moves or combos until you master them.