Grim Reaper’s Story of Vengeance

Before the Grim Reaper ever came into existence, the character was originally known as Eric Williams who came from a successful business family who ran the Williams Innovations. His brother Simon Williams is also known as the Wonder Man. Their father who led the family business was stern and abusive. He raised his sons with his cruel methods. This caused Eric to be rebellious, reckless, and to mock their family business. He became a gambler and a professional criminal who rose within the ranks of a notorious and feared organization called Maggia. On the other hand, his brother was obedient, studious, and was willing to take over the family business. Eric loved and respected his brother even if he never showed it. This is why he was always ready to help his brother no matter what. When their father died, his brother took over the Williams Innovations but it did not do well due to the competitors of their company. This caused Simon to turn to his brother for help. Eric tried to use his own ways to help his brother but nothing happened. This pushed Simon to steal from his own company to help Eric earn more profit and use it to save their family business. However, he was caught and arrested before his plan even happened. Eric did not want his brother to be named as a criminal so claimed that he was the one who embezzled the funds and that his brother only took the blame for him.

The series of unfortunate events in the lives of the brothers did not end in the happenings in their business and in their family. Simon was transformed into Wonder Man by an evil scientist named Baron Heinrich Zemo to fight the Avengers but was killed. Copies of his brain patterns were kept by the scientist in the hope of resurrecting him someday.  When Eric found out about the terrible death of his brother, he was enraged and blamed the Avengers for the tragic incident. Eric was filled with vengeance and ordered the Tinkerer to create a weapon in a form of a scythe that could induce a coma to anyone hit by it. Eric then became the Grim Reaper and almost killed the Avengers.

We could see how the family affects the behavior of a person. If Eric grew up and was raised differently, there would have been no Grim Reaper at all. Despite being branded as bad and spiteful to his family, his love and respect for his brother pushed him to become the Grim Reaper to seek vengeance. His evil deeds grew from the pain caused by his brother’s death. This story also tells us that there is a reason behind the acts of antagonists. However, this will never justify their evil acts towards humanity. Pain, grief and other forms of sadness will never justify hurting others.

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