Rise of Incarnates is a website dedicated to the gamer who is an enthusiast of the fighting game genre.

Whilst there are many combatant games out there where one becomes a military operative or an adventurer on some quest to save the world there is nothing quite like a great fighting game.  Where your character or characters team goes up against another player or the computer.  For all those who ever fantasized about being a great MMA or martial arts fighter these games allow you to step in that arena.

You can play in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments in various MMA style games designed on actual real-life tournament events.  Or you can get pulled into the more fantasy type games where your character not only have signature moves but various power combination moves, powers and awesome backstories.

Step into the world of video fighting games as we bring our readers information, tips, tricks, advice and the latest news on the various fighting games available on the market today.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and queries you may have.  If you would like to share some fighting gaming tips or your favorite fighting games, please do so I am always happy to hear from my readers.