Icons: Combat Arena, Becoming the Talk of the Town

Icons: Combat Arena created by Wavedash Games is set to be released in 2018. Its release was announced on July 16, 2017, during the Evolution Championship Series 2017 (largest fighting game tournament series in the entire world). The developers announced that their goal is to be known as a ‘platform fighter’.

The Process of Launching the Beta Version

The developers of the game aim to achieve their requirements. First, Icons: Combat Arena should be broader than other platforms instead of being specific. Second, the game should revolve around the characters and on their goals. Third, the game should offer something new compared to the other games similar to it. Lastly, it should be able to reach its central motivation. The game developers pointed out that their core motivations were self-improvement, performance, and the thrill of showing the game to the audience. They also ensured the audience that the game will be released as soon as it is fully developed and polished. The game will feature 3D models which will definitely add to the fun gaming experience of the players. They also talked about their shield mechanic. There will be a Gust Shield present to protect the character of the player from all angles. This ensures that the defense does not only cover one side but all sides. The Gust Shield also allows the players to attack while defending. They could push their opponents but this will cost the decrease in its efficiency to protect the character of the player. It is often compared to the Super Smash Bros. but the developers said that they want to be seen differently. The game had been the talk of the town since last year because it was able to follow its goals and was also successful in launching its beta version.

The Content of the Game

The characters that were presented are Ashani, Kidd, Raymer, Xana, and Zhurong.

Ashani: was trained inside the Combat Lab

Zhurong: expert swordswoman and ruler of an ancient empire; became merciless after being forced to kill her brother to claim the throne

The other characters weren’t given much information. They might be introduced more to the public later or when the game will finally have its alpha version.

To sign-up for the open beta of the game, please click this link. Signing up will allow you to receive notifications about the game. To know more about other games that are about to be released this year, click this link. Beta versions of games could be learned more by clicking here.